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Lake Ridge Schools Technology Department
E-rate 2018 Questions and Answers
E-rate 2018 Questions and Answers

E-rate 2018 Questions and Answers (As questions are asked, they will be answered for everyone to view below)



Lake Ridge NT Schools has posted one (1) FY2018 470 on the EPC (e-rate productive center) for both Internet Access and WAN under the 470# 180002738.  The ACD date is 12/01/2017 at which time proposals are due via email at  Be sure to download the RFPs that are attached to the 470 filing.  They contain valuable information that must be included in your proposal. 

      • Question:  Lake Ridge NT Schools 470# 180002738 lists both Internet Access and WAN in the same request.  Can I give a proposal for one or all of these services?
      •  Answer:  You can bid on this 470 in one of the three following ways making sure that you describe the service or services that are included in your proposal:
        • Bid for Internet access bundled with WAN
        • Bid for just Internet access (that also includes transport)
        • Bid for just WAN service
      • Question: If a vendor is not able to provide a basic firewall component to the internet access service, will that automatically exclude them from the RFP?

      • Answer: No.  A vendor just needs to note that it’s not available through their bid.

      • Question:  Calumet New Tech High School, 3900 Calhoun Street, was included in the Form 470 request. Today, you serve that site with your own fiber. Is it correct that you would need a fiber connection from the admin building to the high school and not use your private fiber?
      • Answer:  We plan to use or own private fiber that connects the Central Office District Building to the High School.  We will NOT need another fiber connection to the high school, since there is already one connecting the building to the MDF room at Central Office.


There is a mandatory meeting for all interested service providers on Wednesday, November 15th at 9:00am CST at Lake Ridge NT Schools Central Office (6111 West Ridge Road, Gary, IN 46408). 




Service Providers may choose to provide proposals in the following ways:


  • Bid on both Internet Access and WAN
  • Bid on only Internet Access
  • Bid on only WAN




All questions from phone calls and/or email will be posted on this website  with the answers to those questions.  


6111 West Ridge Road | Gary, IN 46408 | Ph: 219-838-1819 | Fx: 219-989-7802