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If you're asking yourself,
"What can I do to help?"
Support the LREF - Donation Form
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Fill out the form above and mail it to
c/o Lake Ridge Schools
6111 W. Ridge Rd.
Gary, IN 46408

Garfield License Plates!!


  • Give Garfield a ride and give public education a lift!
  • Get the education license plate!
  • A donation is made to the foundation for each plate purchased!
Click here to go to the BMV website for more information.
Look for the Indiana Education Trust plate.
Scroll down until you see this plate!
 Garfield Indiana Licence Plate
Don't forget to write "Lake Ridge Schools" on your application.

6111 West Ridge Road | Gary, IN 46408 | Ph: 219-838-1819 | Fx: 219-989-7802