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Helpful Websites for Educators
Helpful websites:
Gifted Development Center:  The Center  offers assessment, advocacy, and counseling or individuals and families.
GT World:  Website to assist parents and students advocate
Hoagies Gifted: Full of resources, books and links to many other website.

National Association for Gifted Children:  Supports and develops policies to support the diverse needs of gifted learners.  A website full of never ending information and support for parents, students, and educators.

Purdue University Gifted Education Resource Institute: Purdue's website dedicated to serving the needs of HA students.  Includes information for summer programs for students in grades preK-12.
Helpful books to read: 
The Gifted Kids Survival Guide for Ages 10 & Under by Judy Galbraith
Gifted Chidren:  Myths and Realities by Ellen Winner
Guiding the Gifted Child by James Webb
The Survival Guide for Parents of Gifted Kids by Sally Walker
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