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  • When you enroll your student in a new school, ask to meet with the teacher(s). Give the teacher(s) information about how your child learns. Check in with the teachers about how your student is adjusting. Ask about the schoolwork your student is doing.
  • Meet the school counselor. She can help your child deal with the changes and challenges he or she is facing. Share information about how your student is acting at home or things that are happening at home that could be affecting schoolwork and behavior.
  • Get to know others at the school that your student meets daily such as the principal, dean, school nurse, attendance officer, office staff, bus driver and social worker, etc.
  • All school and district staff can help make sure your student gets the services he or she needs to do well in school. You are an important partner in your student's schooling and are encouraged to work as a team with the school and school district. Get involved as a parent. Volunteer and participate in school activities.
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