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Guided Reading Leveled Book List



      In order for your child to improve as a reader, your child should read at home as often as possible. Your child should not only be reading every day, but they should also be reading at their own PERSONAL reading level.  If your child is reading at a level that is too easy or too difficult, they will not grow as a reader.  Reading books at your own PERSONAL level helps you become a more fluent reader as well as helping you to better comprehend what you are reading.  books
     Below is a list of links that will bring up a list of books and authors written at the different reading levels.  These lists are just a small sampling of the many different books written at your child's PERSONAL reading level.  Please use these lists to help you when checking out books from the library or when buying new books for your child.
Level A-B                     Level C                     Level D
Level E                        Level F                     Level G
Level H                        Level I                     Level J
Level K                        Level L                     Level M
Level N                        Level O                    Level P
Level Q                        Level R                    Level S
Level T                        Level U                    Level V
Level W                       Level X                    Level Y