Calumet New Tech High School

Home of the Warriors

Calumet New Tech High School Faculty
2016 - 2017

Mr. Brugioni: AP American Literature, English 11

Ms. Bytnar: Business
Ms. Crafton:  Advanced Science Topics-Physics 1 & 2 
Ms. Denormandie: Special Education 
Ms. Downing: World History 

Ms. Durden: Computer Programming

Mr. Estridge: Special Education 

Ms. Farkas: Biology II, Biomed
Ms. Forste: Biology
Mrs. Garcia: Math/Integrated Math 1, 2, & 3 
Mr. Govert: Special Education
Ms. Grant: Intro to Musical Theater, Advanced Musical Theater, Student Media, & Intro to Broadcasting
Ms. Hernandez: Current Events, Strategic Marketing 
Ms. Herrin: Anthropology, Ethnic Studies 
Ms. Hickey: Special Education 
Ms. Higareda: PLTW Principles of Biomedical Science
Ms. Jackson: Interactive Media, Preparing for College and Careers 
Mr. Johnson: Business Education 
Ms. Johnson: Basic Skills Development, JAG (Jobs for America's Graduates)
Mr. Joseph: PLTW Human Body Systems
Mr. Greg Keehn: English, AP English
Mr. Jeff Keehn: Integrated Math

Mr. Lee: PLTW: Introduction to Design Process
Mrs. Lee: Integrated Mathematics 1 and 2
Mr. Malik: Advanced Manufacturing

Ms. Murphy: Computer Programming 1, Interactive Media: Tech Support
Mr. Nelson: Interactive Media/College Career Readiness
Ms. Nelson: Physical Education, Health
Mrs. Niemann: College/Career Readiness, English 9
Mr. Parvo: Credit Recovery
Ms. Pathak: Biology 101(Dual Credit with Ivy Tech)/Bio II (Honors), Biology II /PLTW
Mr. Port: Intro to Musical theater, Advanced Musical Theater, Glee Choir, & Advanced Chorus
Mr. Posavac: Pre-Calculus, Calculus
Ms. Sines: Special Education Department
Mr. Stage: Band, Music Technology
Mr. Stephens: Biomedical Interventions
Mr. Trevino:  Physical & Health Education
Mr. Vecchi: Advanced Manufacturing/ICP 
Mr. Wadkins:  English 11, US  History, Head Wrestling Coach
Ms. Wadkins: Math
Mrs. Wierzbicki: Literacy Coach
Ms. N. Williams: Integrated Mathematics 1 and 2
Ms. Zeilenga: Spanish