Referendum Information

Facts and Information

State and federal funding for public schools continues to be substantially decreased. This combined with the growing cost of educational resources, makes it important for our district to seek local voter support to maintain the quality of our programs and retain our outstanding teachers.

As LRS facilities age they become less energy efficient and technology and security upgrades cannot meet new standards. Voter support will enable the community and the school district to renovate our schools and ensure that our students have access to the learning resources they need and deserve.

This has been a deliberative process that has involved our board members and our schools’ leadership. We are not rushing this process, we are simply making the right choice at the right time with the options that are available to us. To delay the funding of these projects can result in additional costs and a loss of teachers. Capital costs will continue to increase and will result in a more costly remodeling projects in the future if the need is not addressed at this time.