Calumet Student Plays His Cards Right


Calumet New Tech Ninth Grader Louis Espinosa is congratulated by Calumet High School Principal Chris Bajmakovich. Espinosa won the recently held Hi-Def UNO Tournament.

HI-Def, which stands for Helping Individuals Design Effective Futures, is the 21st Century Community Learning Centers state-sponsored after-school program. It provides high school and middle school students with tutoring and fun activities, Monday-Thursday. The program is operated by certified district teachers.
UNO is a popular card game featuring strategies based on numbered color-coded cards. The first player to get to one card calls “Uno” and wins. 

According to Hi-Def Program Director Eric Johnson, “The competition was very competitive and emotionally charged. All of the students were playing to win, but Louis just played the better hand.”

The freshman said he approached the game with a laser like perspective.
“I tried to control my emotions and stay focused,” he said. “UNO is fast paced and changes a lot, you can have a good hand one second and then somebody can hit you with a couple of draw fours and wipe you out. I just tried to get rid of as many cards as I could.”

For his efforts, Espinoza won a $25 Nike Gift Card and four tickets to the 2021 ORAK Shrine Circus. 

The ORAK Shrine Circus tickets were a part of a generous donation to the school district.