A Good Day for a Donut

Longfellow Morning Greetings 1

Parents who dropped off their children at Longfellow New Tech Elementary school were greeted with a pleasant surprise on a recent crisp fall Friday morning!

Lake Ridge New Tech Schools Superintendent Dr. Sharon Johnson-Shirley joined forces with first-year Longfellow Principal Pam Balint, along with Chartwells Food Services Director Fred Vaughn, to hand out donuts and school information flyers to parents as they pulled into the drop-off zone.

“We wanted to let our parents know how much we appreciate them, and we wanted to thank them for choosing Lake Ridge as their child’s school district. It was so nice meeting and talking to all of them, if only for a moment,” said Superintendent Johnson-Shirley.

For Principal Balint, the morning event was another opportunity for her to get to know parents.

“I really enjoy any amount of time I can talk with parents,” she said. “As a new principal, I feel it is important for me to get to know the parents of our students.  This was a nice event and I look forward to doing something like this again.”

Food Services Director Fred Vaughn put it another way, stating: “Because we cook meals for students every day, we at Chartwells come to think of them as an extension of our families. We care about what they eat and we care about them, so this was like meeting family for me.”

Longfellow Morning Greetings 3

Longfellow Morning Greetings 1

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