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Lake Ridge School Board Welcomes New Member

Samuel Roberts

Samuel Roberts was recently sworn in as the newest school board member for Lake Ridge New Tech Schools.  

Roberts, who represents District 2, is 55 years old and has two children, Latreshea and Collin, with his wife, Latricia. Both of Roberts’ kids attended the district and graduated from Calumet New Tech High School.

Roberts, who is a captain for the Gary Police Department, said he was motivated to join the board because of the positive experiences he had when his children attended the district’s schools. 

“I want to see us get our ratings and our numbers up. I want to see the overall brand of the Calumet Warriors’ improve,” he says. “I really enjoyed the school when my children attended, and I want to hear more people talk positively about Calumet and the entire district.”

“I’m excited to work with Sam,” said School Board President Kim Osteen. “I am confident he will be a good board member and I look forward to seeing what he brings to the table.”

Superintendent Dr. Sharon Johnson-Shirley echoed Osteen’s sentiments.

“We are off to a good start,” she says. “We have school board training coming up and things are looking positive. I’m looking forward to doing great things for our students and schools.”

Roberts replaces Glenn Johnson, who retired from the board after serving for 12 years.

Samuel Roberts