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Coaching a Different Kind of Ball

coach singleton lake ridge new tech middle school

Lake Ridge New Tech Girls’ Basketball Coach Devonte Singleton has energized the girls' basketball program.

Excitement is the buzzword surrounding the Lake Ridge New Tech Middle School girls’ basketball team. First-year physical education teacher and head girls’ basketball coach Devonte Singleton has the Lady Warriors competing at a high level this season. It’s much to the joy of both students and parents, who flock to the team’s home games on a regular basis.

So far this season, the team has compiled a 4-3 record, including an impressive 36-6 win over rival Gary West Side. 

Singleton has a background in football. He played in college at Eastern Illinois University alongside NFL star quarterback Jimmy Garropolo.

“I’m a football guy,” the ex-defensive back said with a smile. “I have played football and I have coached high school football, but I never thought I would be coaching a middle school girls’ basketball team. It has been fun and challenging.”

Singleton was hired as the physical education teacher at Lake Ridge New Tech Middle School and eventually applied for the vacant girls’ basketball coaching position. Basic sports theory explains how he went from being a Nick Saban disciple to a budding Geno Auriemma. 

“The key in every sport is to build confidence in your players and create a winning culture,” Singleton said. “My players know what is expected of them because we practice hard as a team and we play hard as a team. When you have unity and high expectations, the winning will follow.” 

LRNTMS Athletic Director Jonathan Nwannunu agrees.

“Coach Singleton has definitely made a difference,” Nwannunu says. “The girls play good, hard basketball and they support each other both on the court and off. The fans notice it. More students and parents are coming to the games. It has been a very good season.”

As for the players themselves, they enjoy their wins and look forward to each game. But like all good teams, their focus is solely on the next game. When a player was asked how Singleton celebrates a win in practice the next day, she just laughed and said: “He makes us train harder.”

girls basketball

Hard-nosed defense has become a trademark of the Lady Warriors' game.

The LRNTMS Cheerleaders keep the fans fired up!