Water on Earth Project

water on earth project

Lake Ridge New Tech eighth-grade students recently completed their Water on Earth unit with a project that focused on the question: How does water scarcity and availability affect our community and other communities around the world?

To familiarize students with the topic, they read the National Geographic Resource Library’s article, titled “Water Inequality.”

Next, students formed groups to research water-related topics. After researching, student groups presented their findings to their classmates. Topics ranged from the water cycle, to water-borne diseases, to droughts, and even car washes.

Students were assisted with grammar and sentence structure. Presentation slides were reviewed by Ms. Daniel. 

“I encouraged students to include imagery within their slides. Visual aids create a much more engaging presentation,” said Ms. Daniel. “We want our students to create presentations that have a lot of visuals and little text.”

For their final project, some students worked on an art project and another presentation, while others created a water filtration system. 

“The eighth-grade class and I would like to thank Mr. Morrison for his technology assistance,” said Ms. Daniel. “We would also like to thank our special guests, Dr. Shirley, Mrs. Mose-Trevino, and Ms. Hobock. Thank you for spending time with our students!”