A Thank You to Our Students

Dr. Johnson-Shirley with Black & White Together Chair

Lake Ridge Family,

To the staff of the science department at Calumet New Tech High School, that contributed to the purchase of the Black & White Together No. 1 Black Chair, and to the participating students, Alicia Garate, Michelle Addison, Jason Akers, Kara Kelly, Isaiah Porter, Amir Watson, and Janelle Windfield, I would like to first thank everyone that was part of gifting me this beautiful piece of art that I will cherish for the rest of my life!

Your combined talents created more than a chair but a message that we all could share as a people.

Thanks for thinking of me. Also, I would like to extend a special thanks to one of the best art teachers in the world, Mrs. Samantha Miestowski.

Your visionary work with our students will leave an everlasting mark on their lives.  Keep doing great work and know that we are all better for your talents.

With appreciation,

Dr. Sharon Johnson-Shirley